Margot and Angela

“In bureaucratic Spain, I wouldn’t know how to find your way if you don’t have a team to help you in the right direction. The help from Match Better Valencia is very valuable. That’s why we now have a beautiful apartment which is nicely furnished and we can also rent it out.”

Thus Margot van Ham, married to Angela Deelen. Together with their three children they started looking for a holiday apartment in the Cabañal district of Valencia. With the knowledge and expertise of Marja Beerens of Match Better Valencia by their side,…

For both Angela and Margot the love for Spain has existed since their student days, having both studied Spanish ín Spain. Angela studied in Valencia where she met Marja Beerens at the time and Margot studied Spanish in Salamanca. “After many vacations in Spain, the idea arose to invest in something. We soon knew it would be Valencia. Angela was already very enthusiastic about Valencia and we preferred to look for something in the sun ;).”

“Our search started on Idealista and then it became clear pretty quickly that you have no idea how the Spanish housing market works. Houses are sold by multiple brokers, everything works very differently than in the Netherlands and you are still the tourist and outsider. Pretty soon we asked Marja to search with us.”

Valencia has a number of popular neighborhoods such as Ruzafa, but Angela and Margot already had their favourite neighbourhood in mind straight away: “Ruzafa is totally hip and happening, but with three children in the middle of the city in the hustle and bustle, we weren’t really keen. Cabañal is a neighbourhood that immediately appealed to us. It is 300 metres from the beach, you can eat delicious food, it is an authentic Spanish fishing district. There is a lot of creativity and it is great to come back to this quiet neighbourhood after the business of the city. It’s also ideal for children with the beach around the corner and playgrounds everywhere.”

During a long weekend, Margot and Angela went to see three flats together with Marja: “During this weekend, we met the whole team of Match Better Valencia ánd after the viewings, we immediately chose a small flat on the ground floor with two bedrooms.”

Margot and Angela’s flat is now used as a holiday home for themselves as well as a rental (see: “Our dream is to emigrate to spain one day.”

Match Better Valencia helped from the search to the flat’s layout: “It started with a meeting with Virginia the lawyer, after which Marja visited flats with us. Julian got to work on our NIE numbers, gas, water light and a handyman. Through Nathali, we had our flat decorated into a colourful and real palace.”

Margot has had very positive experiences with Match Better Valencia:
“You hear the stories from different tv shows: putting all your savings into something that then turns out to be a horror. You don’t want that. It’s very nice to have someone on your side who you can trust and who wants to help you.”

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