Malaga, the city with positive vibes

Why you won’t regret moving to Malaga


Malaga has a fantastic climate with an average of 300 sunny days per year and an endless blue sky. Step out of your house and feel the warmth on your face. Can you imagine it? Cycling, walking, having a picnic in the park, or simply lazing on your balcony, you can do it all year round here. Sounds brilliant, doesn't it?


If you're looking for a city that has it all, Malaga is a perfect choice. The beautiful historic city centre, plenty of art and culture, expansive white beaches, good infrastructure, and plenty of opportunities for sport and recreation. It's a pleasant, compact Spanish city where you'll feel at home almost immediately. The friendly atmosphere, overall safe, and the local population provide a warm welcome. Need a break from the city bustle? You can reach the Montes de Malaga natural park in just half an hour's drive.


Malaga is situated in Andalusia, a region known for its aromas, colours, and top-quality ingredients. From fresh seafood and "jamón ibérico" to local vegetables and flavoursome herbs, you won't be lacking delicious food here. A particularly popular Andalusian speciality is "pescaíto frito," a dish of lightly fried mixed fish in a crispy batter. And definitely don't forget to try the refreshing cold soups "salmorejo" and "gazpacho" on a hot day!

A welcome by Dutch Consul Eric Nolte

Eric Nolte has been Honorary Consul for the provinces of Valencia and Castellon for the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 2013. Eric was born in Amsterdam and has lived in Valencia since 1984. Eric Nolte gives us a broad view of living in Valencia and why there is a great opportunity to relocate business here. All with the help and support of Match Better Valencia.

Relocation Individuals

Moving to Malaga, where do you start?

You dream of moving to Spain, and you want to prepare yourself as best as possible. It’s a big step! And it takes so much time to figure everything out! The best schools, the nicest neighbourhoods in Malaga, and what documents do you need to live and work in Spain? Match Better Malaga can help you with all of those things. Since 2010, we have helped many people find their place in Spain and make themselves at home as quickly as possible. We love Malaga, and as an experienced team, we are here to make your dreams come true.

Relocation Business

An ideal location for your business

If you want to establish a company or start a business in Malaga, there are many questions that arise. Where do you begin? Self-employment in Spain, how much does that cost? What about all the formalities and documents you need to organise to register as a limited company or self-employed in Spain? How do you handle taxes? Match Better Malaga is an experienced partner on a business level. We are your right hand in everything that is involved to set up a business in Spain: from finding office space to recruitment and assisting with market research. We have the right network of contacts and work quickly and efficiently. Before you know it, you’ll have your first client meeting on a Spanish terrace!

Why Choose Match Better Malaga

The Key Reasons


An experienced partner

Match Better Malaga has been a reliable partner since 2010, assisting both private clients and businesses in establishing themselves in Spain.


Extensive knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of Malaga and the surrounding area, and have access to a wide network of the right contacts, such as real estate agents, architects, banks, lawyers, health specialists and schools.


A dedicated team

We have a team of dedicated experts, covering no less than five languages, each with their own specialty and expertise, to ensure a smooth transition for your move to Malaga.


Many Satisfied Clients

We have helped many others before you, and with success. Read the testimonials for their personal stories.