Judith and Tom

“So far we haven’t experienced ‘any typical Spanisch issues.’ Although, of course, we are not going to emigrate completely either – but still. The guidance in this process is good and professional, which also provides certain peace of mind on our side. Our search question was very clear and Match Better Valencia searched very specifically for our dream apartment while we were in the Netherlands. They actually took care of everything for us.”

Tells Judith Wintraecken who since her 1st trip to Valencia in 2016 completely fell in love with the city, the neighborhood Ruzafa and through a touristguide ended up at Match Better Valencia. After the 1st introductory meeting, Marja and her team started working for them….

“After my 1st trip to Valencia in 2016, I returned every year first alone and eventually together. The combination of the old center with the beach really appeals to me. It is a very relaxed city. At one point we ourselves had the dream of having our own apartment. And then especially in the Ruzafa district, with the beautiful colors, squares and there is always something to do, very cozy!”

Through Match Better Valencia, Judith and Tom started looking for their dream apartment.

“We were looking for a holiday apartment that we can also rent out when we are not there ourselves, in the Ruzafa district, with authentic Spanish details. There aren’t many of those available for sale. Marja and Julian started working from our search request, eventually looked at 3 or 4 apartments and provided us with photos and videos in the Netherlands. They eventually found our dream apartment and did the offer processing for us. Their attorney Virginia handled all contractual and mortgage matters remotely with our power of attorney.”

Judith is very pleased with the cooperation and course of action with Match Better Valencia:
“The whole process we have kept in touch, things coordinated, if I have questions, they are always available. Even the emptying of the house and the appointment for signing at the notary we arranged through Match Better Valencia.”

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