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If you’re considering emigrating to Malaga, Spain for a new life in the sun or dreaming of establishing your business in Malaga, you’ll have many questions. Where will you live? Where should the children go to school? What documents do you need? How do you find suitable office space? In short, relocating to Spain requires thorough preparation. For over ten years, Match Better Malaga has been assisting expats who wish to settle in Spain with great passion.

Founder Marja Beerens fell head over heels for Spain in 2003, decided to stay and work there, and started her company, Match Better Valencia, in 2010, followed by Match Better Malaga. Through her consultancy firm, she has already helped hundreds of expats feel at home in this beautiful city, just like she did, and start a new life under the Spanish sun.

The professional and international team at Match Better Malaga now assists both individuals and businesses that see Malaga as their dream destination. The combination of a personal approach, years of experience, and extensive knowledge of Spanish culture is the perfect formula for success for the MBM team!

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My name is Martina. I am Italian and I relocated to Malaga in 2018 after spending 10 years in Stockholm, Sweden. I am both a digital marketer and a passionate coach in helping individuals on their health and wellness journeys. I am a highly skilled mentor who is dedicated to guiding people towards their optimal selves. With over 15 years of experience, I have successfully coached numerous individuals and teams from around the world, assisting them in their personal development journeys. This success stems from my deep understanding of diverse cultures, health, fitness, nutrition, and spirituality, which has been shaped by my own transformative experiences while living and working in various countries. Being a natural community builder, I have an extensive international network of like-minded individuals in Malaga and worldwide. If you are seeking to connect with people and establish meaningful relationships in this region, or if you desire support during your journey of personal growth, I am here to help you.

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